Freight Services to Meet Your Needs

For customers located on the AC&J we offer delivery services designed to meet your scheduling needs.

For customers not located on the AC&J, we offer transload services at 2 locations.  Operating schedules can be adjusted to meet customer’s needs.

Read about the AC&J Freight Tariff.


  • Facility accommodates self-loading trucks or loading / unloading services are available.
  • Vacuum transfer machines with operators are available.
  • Trucking can be arranged.
  • Truck weighing and bill of lading services are available.
  • Inventories can be kept for customers.
  • 3 sites available for industrial development.


  • Conveyor for unloading railcars is available.
  • 60 acres of rural land is available for storage.
  • 2 sites available for industrial development.

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